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Client: Tremblay and Associates
Web site: www.tremblayandassociates.com
Goal: Attract more business and leave a more professional image with existing clients.
Solution: Update web site with new information and graphics with a style that's professional and interesting. Add relevant keywords for Google so he is easy to find by clients looking for his services.
Problem: Tremblay and Associates is a small consulting firm wanting to attract new business. Existing web site was old and outdated and not listed on any search engines so no new clients could find him.
Results: Exceeded client's expectations with a professional look, unique moniker and background ambiance. Now listed on Google

The site has a unique professional look, not from a site builder or wizard. There is an interesting banner and some subtle use of sound to establish his business identity. The idea is to convey trust in doing a reliable job. We obtained a toll free number that can easily routed to any phone. This gives a good impression to existing and new clients. Custom graphics with a clean layout also gives an impression of good work.

Services used: Consulting, Marketing strategy created, SEO, logo and graphic design, creative layout, technical design, programming, shared hosting.
Technology: ASP, HTML, JavaApplet
Features:Cool graphic design, fast page loads, style sheets, tell friend, search engine optimized, easy to expand inventory with XML, low cost.