"It is not enough that I do my best; sometimes one must do what is required." -- Winston Churchill

I'm a professional who enjoy helping people solve problems by working with the latest technology.
My success is measured by satisfying you by helping you save time and making money by using existing technology and tools.
I've been in business since 1992. My first commercial product was product that helped programmers write programs more quickly. I then teamed up with Integrated Development Co. and co-authored IDL library. I also published a remote control library to save developers time and money by allowing them to add dial up remote control directly to their applications.
The original legacy continues today with packaged solutions in easy to use software to save time and money dealing with Spam and making it easy and inexpensive to watch a portfolio of stocks.
You'll feel confidant working with us because
  • I speak your language.
  • I take the time to understand what you want and I do it as if I were doing it for my self.
  • I take responsibility for our work and deliver what I promise.
  • You can e-mail and call us when you're awake.
  • I live and work near Logan Airport so I can respond quickly!
  • I know you want keep your overhead low so I give you options.
  • I accept payment via PayPal using credit cards or checks.
  • I document exactly what you're paying for and what to expect.
  • I have references.

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