Q: What benefits are there to contracting you?
Q: What are your rates?
Q: Why pay for a graphic designer?
Q: Why do I want to hire you?
Q: What are the things a graphic designer can or will do for me?
Q: How do I know who to go to?
Q: Why is being on Google so important?
Q: Why are designers so expensive?
Q: What is the hardest thing you do?
Q: Why is a custom designed logo so important on a business card or web site?
Q: Do I need a business card in our e-world?
Q: Can't I go to the print shop myself and get business cards made?
Q: Can't I just buy some software and a sheet of cards for my printer to save money?
Q: I have a small business and would like a web site. Where do I start?
Q: Why hire you to build a web site when I can do it myself?
Q: Can you help me make my existing web site look more professional?
Q: Will you charge me to make minor changes to my design?
Q: What web sites do you think are the best ones?
Q: Why aren't people buying from my web site?
Q: How do I get people to my site?
Q: How do I make my site search engine friendly?
Q: How do I make my site get higher search engine rankings?
Q: I have a web site, but I'd like it to look more professional. Can you help?
Q: Can I start with approximately eight pages to my web site and add onto it later?
Q: What is the difference between web design and web maintenance?
Q: Can I do what ever I want with the image after you give it to me?
Q: Can I hire someone else to change your design?
Q: Why should I hire Gilmore Software Development?