Reverse engineering/source code recovery
Reverse engineering, source code and data recovery is using your legacy system as a complete specification and rebuilding it. It's just like regular engineering with a complete specification!
  • Can't find your original source code for your older project?
  • Not sure which version of source is running in production?
  • Not sure how to integrate with undocumented systems?
  • Need to extract data from a database and don't know how or where the data is stored?
  • Data on the Internet you would like to import on a regular basis?
  • Data in an old or unfamiliar format you can't recover?
I can help you!

Some things I can help you recover include:
  • Source code
  • Images
  • Data
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Documents
  • Algorithms
  • Corrupt Excel data
  • Corrupt MS Access data
  • Corrupt dBase, Foxbase or FoxPro
I can reconstruct most legacy applications into modern application frameworks. A few examples include
  • Flash scripts to HTML5/Angular
  • VBA to Web, MVC or WPF
  • WinForms to Web, MVC or WPF
  • MS Access to Web, MVC or WPF
  • Excel apps to Web, MVC or WPF

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