Solutions and resources to save you time and money.

Consulting services

I focus on your critical issues and opportunities. I bring deep functional expertise and a holistic approach to support your business strategy.

Software programming services

Development of intuitive and easy to use GUI with human factor in mind. Interoperability and Integration with other Systems. Apps for: Web, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android. Backend on the user device or on AWS cloud.

Debugging/trouble shooting

Stop suffering with that annoying bug. I'll troubshoot it and fix it.

Reverse engineering/recovery

Restore your lost source code, algorithms, data and your confidance.

Ecommerce solutions

Everything you need to sell safely online. Secure, shopping carts, PCI compliance, secure checkout and payment solutions for any gateway.

Graphic design

Get excited with a unique website, logo, print, brochure, corporate identity or branding that makes you stand out! Be different!

Water/sewer utilities

Save money in your budget while providing better and more accurate billing for water and sewer. Add online convenience for your customers.

Search engine optimization

Increase traffic and revenue using your web site without spending advertising dollars!

ETL services

Data extracts, transforms, loads, migrations, integrations, consolidations and data warehouse needs.

Data scraping and file downloading

Automate FTP, HTTP downloads and turn websites into a database you can query.

IoT real world solutions

Realize your IoT project using Raspberry PIs, Arduinos and other embedded devices.

Alexa Echo, Siri, Cortana, Google now marketing for voice assistants

Take advantage of voice assistance technology for your business now while the technology is still in its infancy.

Smart meter integration

Integrate and enhance smart meter technology with your software. Upgrade to (ERT) electronic reading.

Large LED digital displays, walls, scoreboards

Configuration help for your large indoor or outdoor digital displays, video walls, scoreboards by Trans-Lux, Daktronics, Autocomm or PLANAR

RFID integration

Improve your workflow, inventory, asset tracking, reduce theft, access control and more.

Digital signs and communication boards

Engage your customers or employees with affordable live interactive digital signs.

RFID UHF reader/writer with WiFi $399

Connects to your WiFi network and controlled by any device with simple REST commands.

Point of sale systems

Economical scalable systems that work using your existing components.

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