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Client: Aniaart Design
Website: www.aniaart.com
Goal: Attract new clients with compelling reason to visit website often.

a Free e-card service that showcases many beautiful designs by Aniaart. People like sending e-cards to friends and family, especially unique and beautiful designs not offered on mainstream sites. This allows Aniaart to send links in all of her correspondence to advertise her website to everyone. They will visit her site and send e-cards to their friends, who in turn will do the same thing.


Aniaart has a beautiful web site with portfolio and artwork on it. She needs prospective clients to notice her work. People need a reason to visit the site. Search engine placement isn't enough.


Two major colleges and Universities in the Boston area contracted her for major design work in a month. The cost of the e-cards was paid for in full!

Technology: C#, Microsoft .NET (ASPX), JavaScript, MySQL database
Services used: Consulting, technical design, programming, shared hosting

People need a reason to visit web sites. Compelling free content is a sure thing! Advertising is word of mouth (also free). The content sells itself.

Now she sends emails with an ad at the bottom of her email telling everyone about her free e-cards.

We designed the e-card engine and integrated it into the look of her website.