Postnet Barcode

Add the standard postal barcode (POSTNET) to your mailing list routines using C, Force, and Clipper! Add value to your programs and save your customers and clients money with your program by printing the postal barcode for them. Ask local postmaster for details on savings using POSTNET barcodes. This is a library that will link with many popular compilers such as Microsoft C, Borland C, Clipper and Force.

  • Prints Postal (POSTNET) barcodes
  • Built-in support for Epson, IBM pro printer, and HP Laserjet
  • Programmable for any graphic printer
  • Links in to your own programs
  • <2K of memory required to add to your program
  • Compatible with ASM, C, Clipper, Force and compatible environments
  • Works with Code39() barcode library too!
  • No royalties


  • Lowers postal rates for bulk mail
  • Make money by upgrading your application
  • New feature for your program
  • Offer feature your competitors don't have
  • Try now for free. Pay only when you implement.
Download PostNet (40K) now and try it out for real before you buy. Develop your program, test it out thoroughly, prove that it works! This is the real code, with a counter installed to limit the number of prints it can make at one time. When you decide to purchase, simply allow us to charge your credit card for $39.00. No tax and no shipping charges! We give you a serial number that removes the counter. No waiting for shipping.

Do you need a special barcode? We will make it for you! Just tell us what you want.