How to increase traffic and revenue using your Web site without spending advertising dollars!

Use Google to get the qualified traffic you want to maximize your sales.

SEO is a large collection of optimizations a website should incorporate, yet many do not.
Most of the optimizations make sense for usability and for that reason, should be done anyway.
The first step is to analyze your site and come up with a check list of items that need to be addressed.

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Why choose me?
  1. You get my personal experience, not a sub-contractor or call center
  2. I cost less because I don't have enterprise overhead and won't lock you in to high monthly charges.
  3. I have a 100% success rate which I can show very quickly (even over the telephone).
  4. I use proper techniques and do not try to use deceptive practices
  5. Two months of Google rank monitoring and page maintenance
  6. Your investment will last: Many of our past clients maintain an unbeatable #1 ranking on Google.
  7. I work until you are found on the first page on all your search key phrases.
  8. I'll help you get the qualified traffic who are there to buy what you have to sell. Unqualified traffic only wastes your money and bandwidth.
  9. I subscribe to professional newsletters and keep my toolbox updated.

What to expect:
  1. Listing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Yandex and others
  2. Proper titles and descriptions
  3. Report of all your crawled pages
  4. Metric report showing improvements
  5. A review of indexed listings

What you get:
  1. Google submission.
  2. Initial evaluation of suggested changes and why they are important
  3. Detailed plan outlying what needs to be done to make your web presence more effective with estimated cost if you want me to implement it.
  4. Confidence you're getting value for your money.
  5. Guarantee that your site will be crawled by Google.
  6. Guarantee that your site is Google worthy and won't be banned.
  7. Analysis to determine proper modifications for Google.
  8. Key word selection assistance.
  9. Guidance on proper header/meta tag construction.
  10. Two months of weekly Google rank monitoring and page maintenance.
  11. Page modification and changes to make sure it's Google friendly.
  12. Individual consultation with you.
  13. Informational packet on how I will make your page get noticed.
  14. Discounts on follow up projects.
What I do
  1. Analyze header tags and give you a detailed plan of what needs to be done.
  2. Measure the size of your pages and develop a plan to reduce page size to acceptable limits.
  3. Check for compression with plan for remediation
  4. Reduce the number of http requests
  5. Clean up complex URLs into SEO friendly urls.
  6. Optimize your images to the proper scale and format.
  7. Create a site map
  8. Replace inline styles with proper CSS
  9. Check HTML for deprecated tags and fix using newer syntax
  10. Remove technology identification security risk
  11. Add robots.txt
  12. Check PCI compliance
  13. Add Google analytics script
  14. Check javascript for errors
  15. Social media add-ins check
  16. Add structured microdata for product pages and other types to make it easy for voice assistants and other marketing methods
  17. Make site mobile friendly
  18. Claim your business for Google business
  19. Google Places submission
  20. Use Google AMP to monetize your products and services
  21. Broken links check/fix
  22. Test for nested tables and come up with a plan to flatten them out
  23. Check for framesets and come up with a plan to eliminate or reduce them
  24. Test for redirects
  25. Add your site to safe browsing database
  26. Add your site to buysafe database, obtain seal and install on your site. (extra fee based on sales volume)
  27. Add Trust seal from SSL provider
  28. Add McAfee secure seal
  29. Add Norton secure seal
  30. Canonical tag check
  31. Replace links with SEO friendly links
  32. Check for Javascript blocks and remediate. Javascript loading can slow your page loads without proper design.
  33. Remove old and depricated Flash objects and replace with modern HTML5 objects.
  34. Ensure you're using caching properly.
  35. Mininify javascript and CSS files.
  36. Combine many small images into a single sprite
  37. Combine multiple CSS style sheets into a single compressed bundle
  38. Combine multiple Javascript files into a single compressed bundle
  39. Add SSL to make your site secure.
  40. Ensure your site is not listed as unsafe.
  41. Remove email addresses in your HTML so they can't be harvested.
How to get started:
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