Jerry Gilmore

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Jerry is a motivated problem solver who takes responsibility for getting the job done. His excellent communication skills make him an effective listener and team contributor while facilitating his understanding of a client's needs. During a 15+ year career as a trouble shooter, programmer and software developer, Jerry has built lasting relationships with both clients and associates. And while his experience may be reflected in his resume, one must interview his clients to appreciate the efficient and innovative solutions he has been able to provide. He has worked on projects by himself as well as with teams of over 20 developers on projects containing over a million lines of code as well as marketed his own commercial applications from start to finish. The numerous languages and technologies represented here reflect Jerry’s problem solving ability by utilizing the most suitable technology for the task. This may include working within client set parameters or simply using a technology best suited a particular task. He has always been quick to take advantage of emerging tools, technology, and languages, and has adapted to the evolving requirements of business.


Software Development 15+ years of proven experience designing and developing large scale financial systems using the latest technologies.
Architecture and Design Experienced in object-oriented designs and patterns in client-server, enterprise N-tier architecture as well as smaller stand-alone systems. Very famaliar with Service Oriented Architecture
Software development process Experienced in the use of Agile, RAD, RUP and waterfall approaches to the software lifecycle to release quality products on time. Use and conduct code peer revues to establish best practices among team.
Best practices Utilize proven design patterns, custom libraries/components, and 3rd party libraries, content management and template-based web programming with master pages, themes and cascading style sheets to produce highly modular and quality code.
Database design Best practices in relational database design. Adept in designing stored procedures, views, functions, packages and the use of triggers for data integrity using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, MySQL and Access.
Communication Actively listen to clients, write clear and concise documentation.
Business analyst 10+ years of financial industry experience, understand the needs of financial firms. Good analytical skills.
Training Able to plan and conduct training course in classroom and on-site settings. Provide practical hands-on and formal training using a variety of methods depending on audience.
Ergonomics Design and implement user interfaces with ergonomic principles which facilitate the learning process and minimize the need for training when new applications are introduced into the workplace. The result is increased efficiency and less frustration.
Troubleshooter Excellent analytical skills, proven experience finding root causes of hardware/software problems. Adept at local and remote debugging.


.NET Technologies .NET Framework 2 - 4.5, LINQ, MVC, MSMQ, Win forms, Web forms, ASPX, C++, C#, VB, Interop, WCF, WSDL
Other technologies Windows API/WIN32, MFC, ATL, RPC, COM/DCOM, COM+, Active-X, MAPI, INET, ISAPI, Excel/Office VBA
Languages C/C++, C#, Pascal (Delphi), VB/VBA, SQL, PL/SQL T-SQL, dBase/Clipper, x86 Assembly
Operating Systems Windows XP - 8.1, Unix/LINUX
Web technologies AJAX, ASP/ASPX, CGI, CSS, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, Perl, PHP, SOAP, VBSCRIPT, Web Services, XML/XSL
Databases Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, ODBC, OLEDB, ADO/ADO.NET, MySQL, MS-ACCESS, dBase/xBase
Development Tools Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005-2013, TFS, Rapid SQL, Toad, Visual C++ 6.0, Delphi RAD Studio, C++Builder, Visual Basic 6.0


C# C++Builder C/C++ Clipper Change Management CSS
Customer relations Delphi Design DreamWeaver Eclipse Embedded systems
Exceed FoxPro Gadgets/Widgets Google HTML/XHTML Integration
JavaScript JBuilder jQuery JSON JEDI library LINQ
InDesign Pascal Perl Photoshop PHP PL/SQL
Privacy SDLC SEO SOA Solaris Spyware removal
SQL Streaming audio T-SQL Embarcedero Rapid SQL Version control Visual C++
Visual studio .NET Weblogic Web admin WCF WIX/Installer XBase


Ad blocker Froogle Photo album Barcode components Shopping cart Touch screen
Optimized performance Spam filter e-card Website optimization eBay ad generator Windows migration
ERT Integration Vision inspection Remote control Factory automation Oracle migration Trade router
FAX automation RightFAX API Trans-Lux data wall Windows Sidebar Gadget Google Gadget E-commerce website
Excel add-in Server controls Content manager Data transformation utility    


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