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Benefits of the Hosts File

  1. Prevents unwanted web content.
    When you surf to a particular website, you're interested in the content on that site, not the content of their advertisers. Your HOSTS file will block unwanted content from any servers in that list. This not only includes ads, but can include pornography and many other types of unwanted content.
  2. Increased browsing speed
    Any servers listed in the HOSTS file eliminates the need for your computer to ask for the server's IP address. This will significantly speed up your browsing experience because your computer will go straight to that site instead of having to ask for the site's address. Ad servers are blocked from being loaded, which results in much faster web pages since they won't have to load a lot of bloated animated graphics and Flash.
  3. Added protection from spyware
    All spyware works by attacking your computer and then reporting back to a central server everything you do like what sites you visit, how long you stay there, etc. Many even pop up ads whether you're browsing the web or not. Listing known spyware sites will block them from knowing about your personal information. Often it will block their software from even getting installed on your computer. A benefit is that if you do get infected by their programs, you still prevent them from getting your information later. It's well known that Microsoft connects to their servers every time Windows starts. You can block them knowing every time you log on. Many other companies do the same thing. You can block them all!
  4. Helps prevent browser hijacking.
    Any website attempting to hijack your browser can be stopped by your own HOSTS file. By preventing access to dangerous websites, you also prevent hijacking of your browser.
  5. Blocks ads
    This is the most well known benefit of using HOSTS files. However, this is just one of the many benefits.
  6. Uses less resources
    By using a function built into your computer, you will be able to block advertising sites (or any other site you wish) without the need for any extra programs. This will cut down on memory and processor usage, which will free up your resources for other tasks.
  7. Works on connections other than HTTP
    Most ad-blocking programs will only block the HTTP protocol (or web) port on your computer. Other Internet connection types can still get through. The HOSTS file, however, will block any IP connection on any port, whether it is HTTP, FTP, or whatever else comes along.
  8. Increased privacy
    By blocking specific servers, the Hosts file can prevent advertising and tracking companies from ever even knowing you are viewing a web page. This will keep them from profiling you and help you keep your privacy. All sites in the HOSTS file with a address will never inform anyone you visited any website. Sites or servers that are not in your HOSTS file may still track you and send you ads.
  9. The HOSTS file is configurable
    You choose what sites you want blocked. We give you the tool to edit the HOSTS file entirely on your own. This means you can put any site you wish into the Hosts file and that site will not be able to be accessed. You can use this to block advertisers, trackers, or sites you would not want your small children to see. You get to decide entirely what you wish to block, and you don't have to depend on someone else's judgment!