Why do I want to edit/manage my hosts file?
The most popular reason is to block ads while you browse the Internet.
There are all kinds of commercial products that block ads, but Windows has a totally free solution built right in. All you have to do is update the hosts file with ad servers. Windows will block the ads for you.

Other reasons to edit your hosts file include: using names to access private web servers using names you can assign. Using names to access intranet web servers. Use this file to prevent your computer from connecting to selected It's also effective in protecting you from many types of spyware, reduces bandwidth use, blocks certain kinds pop-ups, prevents tracking you with "web bugs" included with spam, provides some protection to Internet Explorer from specific web-based exploits and more. Another great feature of using the HOSTS file is that if some Spyware does get into your system (usually bundled with other products) the offending program can not send data home, as long as the necessary entries exist. This is why it's important to keep your HOSTS file up to Date.

What benefits are there to managing the hosts file besides ad blocking?
While blocking ads is easily reason enough, you can also block any offensive websites and servers by adding them to your hosts file. Many websites are dangerous since they actively try to break into your computer by using known exploits or security holes. Adding known sites to your block list will prevent such attacks from these sites. Eliminating content you're not interested in seeing also makes your browsing experience much faster since you're not slowing down your connection with unnecessary content.
Why use AdBin when Notepad will work?
The best reason is it's fun to simply drag an ad into the trash bin! Another reason is sharing your ad block list with others. Now you can safely and quickly merge lists from other users and web sites who have known hosts block lists. AdBin quickly merges multiple lists and removes duplicate entries. AdBin provides an easy way to manage this list. The hosts file will need to be updated from time to time as you surf the Internet and discover new ad servers, AdBin provides easy access to the list without having to open Notepad every time you want to update the list.
How much does AdBin cost?
It's free! No hidden malware installed, No limited trial period, no spyware, no adware, no banners. It's totally free.
Where can I download it?
Click here to download
Why are you offering this for free?
We browse the Internet like you do and we are just as annoyed by ads as you are, so we wrote this for our use after using Notepad for some time to edit the hosts file. We liked using it so much, we decided you would too. We think it's good for our business to offer useful tools other's can use free of charge, it will bring attention to our business. And we plan to develop a premium version we hope people will want to buy later on.
Is AdBin legal and ethical?
Yes. This is your computer, you have every right to surf the web how you like it. There is no legal obligation to view anyone's ads. In fact, reading a news paper in no way obligates you to read or act on any ad. Perhaps AdBin and other programs like it will encourage marketers to find smarter and less intrusive ways to advertise. AdBin is not an anti-commercial program.
What features will you add for the premium version?
Some of the features we are considering are:
  • Automatic list imports direct from the Internet
  • PAC file support
  • Local server to fix the broken image links and web pages after blocking has occurred.
  • Automated list clean up to remove ad servers no longer in use.
  • White list to prevent blocking sites you like.
Does AdBin block pop-ups?
AdBin blocks the content of the ad. You'll need to enable pop-up blocking in your browser (Mozilla and Opera do this) or use a pop-up blocker. Google's toolbar blocks pop-ups for Internet Explorer users. Make sure to pick the one without the "advanced features," as advanced features means spyware. Service Pack 2 for Windows XP has a built in pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer.
Does AdBin fight spyware/malware?
By blocking spyware sites and known servers of spyware/malware, it does help fight this threat, but does not eliminate it. We recommend running Ad Aware and SpyBot at least once a month to help eliminate the spyware/malware We also recommend disabling Signed ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer or switching to FireFox/Mozilla. Here's how to block Active-X go to Tools>Internet options>Security>Custom Level Download signed Active-X controls: Disable
Can I offer AdBin to my customers for free?
Yes. Please link to our file directly so that your users get the latest version.

Can I sell AdBin?
Please contact us.
Trouble shooting
Why can't I see the whole hosts file?
There is a known limitation with Windows 95/98/ME. The built-in editor can only hold 64K of data. We are aware of this problem and are working on a solution. The good news is that all this means to you is that you can't directly edit the file using our interface. You can still use all the other menu functions as they copy the ad server data to internal memory and are not affected by the editor display problem.
Why are ads still showing even though I added an ad server to my hosts file?
It's possible that you already have a proxy server configured and it's bypassing the hosts file. This is easy to verify in Internet Explorer by going to "Tools:Options" and clicking on the Connections tab. Then click on the "LAN" button and if you see the proxy server option checked off, this could be the reason.
Where do I get hosts files with ad servers already done?
Visit our links page. We compiled a quality list of providers.
Will this cause problems with websites?
Usually not. I try to err on the side of caution and don't block any ad servers that might cause any problems with web functionality.
Why do I see more ads now than I did when I first installed AdBin?
Go to our support page for links to updated HOSTS files. The older the list the less effective it becomes.
I notice some websites load slower now. What can I do?
It is possible that your computer may wait for a time-out before continuing. This is a minor issue and only occurs on a few configurations. We will have a solution for this very soon.
How can I troubleshoot my hosts file?
Go to AdBin, then point to the menu:File:Flush DNS.

You can also try clicking on 'restore' to restore your hosts file back to factory settings.

You also may need to restart your browser or reboot your computer after adding ad servers. You will also have to clear your browser's cache to delete the ads you've already downloaded. The cache in Internet Explorer is under Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files. Click the "delete all off-line content" button too.

I've also noticed that some anti-spyware or even spyware applications will change or lock the hosts file. Zonealarm and other apps do this. You'll have to unlock it or run an good anti-spyware and anti-virus app.