We love to program, it's our passion, give us a C#, C++, Pascal/Delphi project and we'll get it done right!

Some of the things we're good at programming:

  • Internet/web: e-commerce, streaming audio/video, PHP CGI script, ASP/ASPX
  • E-commerce: shopping carts
  • Windows, Windows/XP/NT, DOS programming
  • Migration from DOS to Windows to .Net
  • Integration of factory automation equipment
  • Integration of multiple software systems
  • Maintaining legacy source code and systems
  • Customize existing software to meet new needs and requirements
  • Custom functions, utilities or whole sections of an application
  • Embedded ROM systems development and design
  • Real time motion control
  • Data acquisition, control and reporting software
  • Database software: custom entry, processing and reporting
  • Internet hosting, web site design and application development
  • Package applications for distribution
  • C/C#/C++, Clipper, Delphi, Java/Java script, Pascal, PHP, ASP/ASPX, Visual Basic, PL/SQL and more.
  • Water/sewer billing systems for municipalities
  • Source code recovery and re-creation
  • Fixing messes left behind by the last programmer
  • Optimizing poorly written/designed systems